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3 Ways to Earn at Netsurf Network

1. Profit on Product Selling

Independent Distributors get products on discounted price (15% to 40%). The difference between product cost for IDs and MRP (at which they sell) is called profit on product selling.

Product selling is extremely beneficial to Netsurf Independent Distributors. It helps earn a high Return on Investment (ROI) through product selling.

An illustrative example of how one can earn at Netsurf


If above mentioned process is followed properly, one not only recovers the initial investment of Rs. 6,000 but also earns an additional net profit of Rs.8,700 /-.

2. Turnover Based/Networking Commission

Turnover based commission can be earned by Independent Master Distributors on creating a team of IDs. It is a percentage based commission calculated on the cumulative turnover done by an Independent Distributor and his team of IDs in a particular time period. IDs are categorized in various clubs on the basis of cumulative turnover commission they have earned at Netsurf Network. Turnover based commission, being incremental in nature, ranges from 3 to 6% as per the club levels of Independent Master Distributors.


3. Direct Sale Commission:

An Independent Distributor can earn 5% direct sale commission on every purchase (i.e. 5% on purchase receipt value) made by direct appointees for life.
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