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Business Opportunity
Whom to sell the products to
Netsurf products are essential to every individual and hence can be sold in a person’s social circle.

What is social circle?
It consists of personal and social contacts e.g. friends, relatives, neighbours, colleagues, business partners, clients and acquaintances.

Why to start with social circle?
It’s easy and is a good boost to confidence. The people in social circles know each other personally and thus value each other’s recommendations.

Leveraging social circles
Step 1: Approaching individuals in social circles to sell. Enlisting those interested in starting their own business, as id.

Step 2: Encouraging those who have joined to approach others in their social circles to join as id and sell the products.

Benefit to introducer: Earns 5% direct sales commission on purchases made by direct appointees.

Owning A Netsurf Business

Netsurf network is a unique business opportunity in every sense. Most traditional businesses have multiple entry barriers such as capital, infrastructure, domain knowledge, human resource, and risk in their initial stages. These entry barriers make it very difficult to start one’s own business. It is no wonder then that very few dare to start and succeed in entrepreneurial ventures. The netsurf network goes beyond such entry barriers of traditional business and makes it very simple to start one’s own business. Any individual, irrespective of educational credentials, socio-economic status and geographical location, can start own netsurf business given a wide social network and passion to succeed.

How to sell

‘NATURAMORE’ can be sold to every household, every parent and every mother you know in your social circle.
‘HERBS & MORE’ can be sold to entire family.
‘BIOFIT’ crop care products can be sold to farmers, agriculturists And gardeners.
‘BIOFIT’ animal/ pet care products can be sold to dairies, poultries, And goat farms.
‘Clean & More’ It can be sold to households for home laundry and to hospitals, labs and hotels for commercial purpose.
Selling strategies for different groups

If you are a housewife / college student / A person with wide social network

You have a social life. You know people with common interests and you can find like-minded people who need Netsurf's quality products.

Strategies to sell:
Invite neighbours to your home for group meetings and share positives of Herbs and More and Naturamore
Visit friends and arrange small group meetings for friends’ neighbours
Identify parents in the social circles and discuss importance of Naturamore jr.
Identify your spouse’s friend circle and arrange meetings
Promote these products at nearby beauty parlours, chemists and Retail shops
Speak about these products during your family gatherings
If you are a farmer / a person who knows farmers

You are knowledgeable about farming products and benefits of organic farming. You can be an influencer to promote organic farming.

Strategies to sell:
Use products on your own farm and showcase your results by inviting others
Promote organic farming and its monetary benefits in the long term to farmer friends, relatives and neighbours
Arrange product demonstrations
You may involve your spouse by sharing knowledge about Naturamore and Herbs and More products
Encourage your spouse to conduct group meetings within her social circle to promote Naturamore, Naturamore Junior and Herbs and More.
If you are an employed person / professional / Small business owner / beauty consultant

You always look for a profession where you can use your skills; where you enjoy freedom of time along with financial freedom. Netsurf is an appropriate opportunity to make it a full time profession or a secondary career option.

Strategies to sell:
Working couples can complement each other, e.g. husband can promote Naturamore and Biofit, whereas the spouse can promote Herbs and More and Naturamore Jr.
Arrange group meetings of colleagues, relatives and friends to promote Naturamore
Visit nearby parks to meet health conscious people to promote Naturamore
Visit nearby schools, yoga centres, sports complexes to promote Naturamore and Naturamore Junior
Identify landscape designers, gardeners, lawn developers to promote Biofit
Share product knowledge and experience with your other beautician friends

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