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Rs. 750 | 1500ml (500ml*3)
What is NPK and how does it work?
N.P.K helps to restore fertility status of soil, which is lost because of the immense use of chemical. It is a combination of three different units of Bio fertilizers viz. N, P and K.

Biofit N: It is a liquid bio-fertilizer containing Azotobacter Sp. that fixes the atmospheric nitrogen non-symbiotically into the soil and makes it available for plants. It also associates and colonizes on both exterior and interior shoots and roots. This improves seed germination and plant growth.

Biofit P: It is a phosphate soluble bio-fertilizer. Biofit P helps in dissolving insoluble phosphate and makes it biologically available for plants. It helps to reduce usage of chemical phosphate fertilizers and improves the soil texture.

Biofit K: Biofit K contains potash dissolving bacteria, which dissolves insoluble inorganic potash and makes it available for plants in soluble form.

When to use NPK?
It is can be used for all kind of crops and in every season because it contains live bacteria. It should be applied near the root zone of crops during:
1) One week after seed sowing.
2) 2nd application is 15-20 days after first application.
3) 3rd application should be 15-20 days after second application.
4) It is recommended not to use N.P.K after flowering stage.

  • Helps to reduce expenses on fertilizers .
  • Contains substances that encourage formation of resting spores and cysts.
  • The organism’s activity is maintained intact till the time of contact and interaction with the target crops.
  • Presence of special nutrients ensures longer life, better seed germination, and better fertility status.
  • There is no property lost even in adverse conditions like high temperature .
  • A very high enzymatic activity since contamination is nil .
  • Liquid formulation ensures that the product is easy to handle and apply .

How to use
Use 15 ml of NPK (each) in 15 litre of water
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