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Organic Farming involves achieving best agriculture production using techniques and products that do not harm the natural environment and the people or livestock who live and work in agriculture ecosystem.It is one of the several approaches in order to make agriculture sustainable. It is considered as the best substitute to avoid ill effects of chemicals used in farming. It works in harmony with nature rather than against it. Organic farming helps in keeping and building soil fertility. Use of biodegradable products in organic farming help to control pests, diseases, weeds. Livestock plays very important role in entire farming eco-system. Good animal husbandry practices, in organic farming, aims at providing a diet which livestock is most adapted to consume. It does involve maximizing the output of the livestock but not at the expense of livestock’s health. Good nutrition for animals, as in case of human beings, plays a vital role in making them healthy and disease resistant while giving maximum yield. "Biofit" can be said to be a truly holistic range of products, which not only provides organic solution to control pests & diseases, increasing the agriculture output and reducing the input cost but also adopts a broader perspective to encompass livestock health. Biofit not only helps animals to grow and produce more but improves their overall health and welfare. A continued use of Biofit range reduces the need of chemical based fertilizers resulting into a reduced cost of farming.
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About 1, 26, 000 ha agricultural land across Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka has been benefitted by the use of Biofit products.

All the products have shown promising results when used for variety of crops such as vegetables (leafy/fruit bearing/root, bulb or tuberous), fruits and nuts, oilseed crops, leguminous crops, and sugar crops.

Bio-95 Concentrated | Stim Rich | NPK | Biofit INTACT | CFC | HCC | S.H.E.T.
What is Bio-95 Concentrated?
Bio-95 is a spray additive. It works as positive catalyst for all agricultural products and increases the effectiveness of pesticides and micro nutrients. It helps to reduce cost on organic or chemical products used on your field.

How to Use
Add Bio 95 while spraying pesticides, fungicides and micronutrients. Add 5 ml of Bio-95 into 15 litre of spray solution of fungicides, pesticides and micronutrients. Read directions given on label carefully.   
arrowgreen-netsurf Increases the effectiveness of pesticides/insecticides/fungicides and reduces amount of dosage per    usage.
arrowgreen-netsurf Helps to reduce expenses on pesticides, insecticides and fungicides.
arrowgreen-netsurf Helps to increase crop yield.

When should Bio-95 Concentrated be used? 
Bio-95 Concentrated should be used at the time of spraying any pesticides, insecticides, herbicides i.e. whenever you spray anything on your field you can use Bio-95 Concentrated in order to increase their effectiveness.
Can Bio-95 Concentrated be used on any crop? 
Yes. Bio-95 Concentrated can be used for any crop with all pesticides, insecticides & herbicides.